Princess Isobel

Plucky Princess Isobel is determined to have adventures and help people, no matter what magical problems she faces along the way. Along with her best friends Harriet the Hare and Ulred the Unicorn they explore the wonders of the world, help people and mythical creatures and eat a lot of chocolate cake.

Theo the Monster Hunter

When Theo moves to the countryside he discovers that the woods behind his house are filled with monsters, and that he somehow has to look after them. Join Theo and the wild and wacky monsters as they try to look after giant monster babies, deal with the monster lurgy and fight to save Wickety Woods.

The Sapphire Islands

Toby and Eva go to The Sapphire Islands to find their parents who they lost at sea, but there are mysteries and wonders here that are more than they ever expected. Will they find their parents and help the islands before it’s all too late?

Featuring marvellous songs by Zoe Macnaughton.

The Night Castle

George thinks his half term holiday of exploring an old castle with his history professor Mum is going to be boring, but then he goes to sleep and wakes up hundreds of years ago in it’s past. And it seems he has a quest – to rescue Clara, a mysterious girl who Mum says is going to just disappear. 

The Fentons Face the Frost

The Fenton children were longing for the snow – but when it comes, it comes with magic, mystery and danger for the whole village where they live. Will they be able to follow an ancient poem to defend their village from a fifty year frost?

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