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The Stories

The Story Forest is a podcast of original magical adventure stories aimed at primary aged children. Each series lasts eight episodes, though some episodes can be listened to as a stand alone story too. They’re full of great words, exciting problems and solutions, children who are brave and scared, courageous and creative, kind and thoughtful. 

They’re great to listen to on car journeys, while drawing, dreaming or getting some down time. Kids and not a few adults from around the world have loved listening to our stories, and we hope you will too!

I started to write up the stories after I had been telling them to my daughter Kezia on journeys, walks, mealtimes and all times! When lockdown hit in 2020 we asked my Mum to record them, and our podcast was born, bringing comfort and joy to families all over the place.

About Us

My Mum told us endless stories growing up. I remember them and the adventures we had both within and without them – hearing stories as we drove through Scotland, as we tried to get to sleep despite our exciting cousins being there, as we went on a ‘circular’ walk, which I thought was the most pointless exercise known to man.

Then I found myself telling stories to my children too.

I’m Anna, a Mum and copywriter living in London. I’m married to Aidan, who does lots of the editing and technical stuff for the podcast. We have Kezia, 5, and William, 3, as quality testers and chief fans.

Pam Macnaughton is my Mum, a leadership trainer and storyteller extraordinaire.

If you love the podcast, can’t access it, or have an idea or want a chat please shoot us an email.

Anna, Aidan & Pam x

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